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Sue Graebner

.... has had a long involvement in organisational policy development, primarily in the university sector. Working as a consultant since 2003, often collaboratively with Mary O'Kane, she now specialises in writing and editing, while making informed and substantive contributions to her clients' projects. Legally trained, she understands governance and structural issues, as well as legislative and compliance issues.

Sue has worked on reviews; organisational policies and procedures covering grievances, academic honesty,  academic program structures, research training and financial management; Commonwealth infrastructure funding submissions; and applications to operate as university/higher education provider, either in her own right or as part of a small and focussed team.

She is a former journalist and legal research assistant, as well as administrator at the University of Adelaide where she held the position of University Secretary, supporting the governing body, coordinating the provision of legal and internal audit services and providing policy and process advice on a diverse array of University activities.