About us

How we work

We are very good at problem analysis and issue identification, particularly in crisis situations, and proposing innovative, practical and sensible solutions.

Experience shows us that the essence of solving a problem is defining it so that the client knows where to start in solving it. We have expertise in framing the problem, asking the tough questions in an unloaded way, putting the problem in perspective, placing it in a wider context, and analysing the options.

We are particularly skilled in identifying the potential for non-standard linkages and leverage between different elements of an enterprise, and making unconventional and creative connections between seemingly disparate issues. This gives us a rare ability to address complex problems with creative yet practical and sensible solutions.

We have a history of successful project management, delivering quality product on time and in budget for all our clients. We deliver well written reports with clear recommendations and implementation strategies that give our clients a well mapped route to achievement of their goals.

We like to leave our clients with a legacy of new ways of thinking about their business, and a framework for solving similar problems in the future. We take pride and enjoyment in seeing our clients flourish.

We can often take on projects at short notice, and we deliver promptly.

If we can help you, we'll suggest how. If we can't, we'll suggest others who can.